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Katie M. Reid

I am so glad YOU are here! This is a place to receive love for your doer's heart and rest for your try-hard soul. Discover articles, messages, songs, and resources to help you breathe deeply and walk freely. Exchange striving for settledness, and guilt for peace as you walk out your God-given purpose. Now ... let's find grace in the unraveling; together.

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Turning 46: You Leaning Number, You

Here’s looking at you, 46. You leaning number, you. Tipping the scale, toward the reality of sun spots and kids taking flight, wanting to freeze the frame on the reality that my parents are getting older too. Can’t hide the lines, not concealing the gray. Coloring is still comforting—on paper. In some ways not caring about the pettiness that … READ MORE > about Turning 46: You Leaning Number, You