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Katie M. Reid

I am so glad YOU are here! This is a place to receive love for your doer's heart and rest for your try-hard soul. Discover articles, messages, songs, and resources to help you breathe deeply and walk freely. Exchange striving for settledness, and guilt for peace as you walk out your God-given purpose. Now ... let's find grace in the unraveling; together.

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Freeing the Heart of an Enneagram Type One

As you know by now, I am intrigued and fascinated by the Enneagram and how it points us toward empathy for others and kindness toward ourselves. I'm a Type One. Singer/Songwriter Ryan O'Neal, of Sleeping at Last, says this of Type Ones: "...their inner critic is so much more aggressively judgmental and intense than they are to anyone else. … READ MORE >

Interview with Kate Motaung (Author of A Place to Land)

The author interview series continues, with an exclusive interview with Kate Motaung, author of A Place to Land: A Story of Longing and Belonging.  1. What do you hope readers gain from reading A Place to Land? Oh, many things! ;-) But primarily I pray that their hearts will be stirred toward a greater longing to spend eternity with their … READ MORE >

Cleaning Up Your Soul in Time for Easter

I like to know what is expected, when I don’t, I feel lost. Meeting and exceeding expectations are my specialty. Disappointing people is not a favorite pastime. Modern Marthas don’t usually blow things off. They are conscientious and aim to please. We get A’s for effort, not E’s. We work to excel. We strive for perfection. We run as to win … READ MORE >